juice is the name


I know, this is a lot of information about me. (I feel a little narcissistic typing it all out LOL). But Linda, LISTEN!!!! You are going to be spending all dang day with your photographer. And you want to feel like you jive with them.

Something I hear at every wedding I shoot is “Oh my goodness you sound JUST like your instagram!” Lololol. I don’t pretend to be somebody I’m not online so you know exactly who is going to be showing up to be your hype girl (ahem, photographer) on your wedding day.

Besides making gorgeous timeless photos of your day, my main goal is to make sure you are having a memorable day. I will be playing music (#beatsbyJay), dancing with you, encouraging you to pop bottles, making borderline inappropriate comments about your beauty, making sure we are on time, and that you are hydrated AF. #hydrateordiedrate. I will help you plan out a great timeline for your day, suggest epic locations for photos, and will be sneaking around like a ninja to get adorable candids.

I know how weird it is to stand in front of the camera at the beginning. But don’t you worry your pretty little mind, bbg!!!!!! By the end of our time together, you will feel like a fierce warrior queen Beyoncé. I will be giving you prompts for your photos together, and will adjust little things to make your images as flattering as possible. And nbd, but I can get even the most stubborn gentleman to actually enjoy his photo session.

For getting ready photos, the ceremony, and reception: I. AM. BASICALLY. A. PRIVATE. INVESTIGATOR. I don’t want to be a distraction! I am just a little fly on the wall who carries two large cameras on her person at all times. I want to photograph your wedding the way it happened, and not turn it into a huge production. When you get help zipping up your dress, we will not redo it 69 times. Maybe mom will zip it up a little slower (with a break to wipe away her tears), and I will make sure that you do it in front of a window, but other than that, there is no faking it over here! Let’s keep your day feeling natural, and not like you’re on set of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (Although I would love to be on their set one day to hear all the juicy goss haha).

OKURRR that is one heck of a lot of information. By now you should know that I love to overshare. Speaking of which, here are a bunch of fun facts about me, accompanied with photos of my face. So you know who to expect at our consultation. (Or is it to feed my narcissism??? I guess we’ll never know). If you’d like to read more fun facts, check out my instagram!


I was born and raised in London, Ontario! I still shoot weddings there each year, and go back to photograph families that I have been shooting for 14 years now.

Right after high school, I moved to Calgary Alberta! I met Jensen a couple weeks later, then two years after that we tied the knot. Jensen is the best person I’ve ever met. Plus, his booty is * chef’s kiss *

I have 7 siblings. I know, I know, we are basically the Duggars. I grew up with three sisters and two brothers, and all of our names start with a J. When I was 17, my mom married my step dad and I gained two great step sisters!

I am flat footed and have scoliosis. WON THE GENETIC LOTTERY THX SO MUCH.

I attended ACAD as a photography major for three years. Good times were had. Also, lots of sub-par times were had.

I have been to 5 continents, 24 countries, 23 US states, and 7 Canadian provinces. I freaking love travelling the world, and I feel at home sitting in an airport and on planes. I can not pick a favourite country! Top five would have to be (in no particular order): Italy, Greece, Iceland, Israel, & Egypt.

My favourite musician is Ben Rector. If you have no idea who he is, go check him out and fall in love with his music! My favourite song of his is 30,000 feet.

I am allergic to sunscreen. And mildly allergic to pineapple. Which is a SHAME because I freaking love pineapple. I’m good with hypoallergenic sunscreen tho, so don’t worry, I still make sure to apply SPF.

My husband and I have a puppy. She’s a red toy poodle and her name is Pico. Her full name is: Pico de Gallo Thottianna Cartwright Campbell. (My maiden name is Cartwright)! She obv has to have a super extra name, to match our overall vibe hahaha.

I am an aggressive enthusiastic optimist. I love my life, and I legit wouldn’t change anything about it! Except maybe having a work visa in the States, haha. I live in Orange County, California in the winters (my husband transferred with his work), and I go back to Canada for the summer + fall for wedding season! I don’t have any travel fees for the Calgary area.

My fave shows are: Ted Lasso, New Girl, Schitt’s Creek, Handmaid’s Tale, Queer Eye, The Mindy Project, Nathan For You, This is Us, and I occasionally binge on a reality tv show here and there.

My favourite thing is when people include a fun fact or two about themselves in their first email to me!!!!! 😉