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I get it. It's so uncomfortable to stand in front of a camera, in complete silence, being like "what do I do with my hands?????" So on your wedding day, I will make sure that never happens. When I am taking photos of you I will be doing one of the following: I will be hyping you up, or there will be music playing so you can get lost in the vibes, or I will be giving you specific direction so you aren't second guessing yourself. 

For most of your day, I will be creeping around taking photos in a stealthy way. There really is only an average of a two hour window on your wedding where you will be "camera aware". Want to know what to expect from me on your big day?! Read on to know more!

getting ready

When you look at your wedding gallery, I want you to be able to relive your day and love how authentic the photos feel. 

During getting ready photos, when I am snapping photos I will be a fly on the wall just observing how the day is naturally unfolding. I will be moving furniture and clearing the space with the best light for when you get your dress on or are doing up your suit. 

I will ask you to prepare all of your small details in a box so I can dedicate 20 minutes to create beautiful flat lay images of your invitations, shoes, accessories, and rings. 

first look

For your first look, we will get you set up so you don't see each other until you're ready! We will set aside 10-15 minutes for your first look where I will be hiding as far back as I can with a zoom lens to get some cute reaction photos! You can take as long as you would like to just talk with each other or make out. Please budget around 10-15 minutes in your wedding day timeline if you'd like a first look. I highly recommend them as we can take most of your photos before your ceremony and you can spend your cocktail hour mingling with guests instead of leaving for photos. 


When you're walking down the aisle, I will be at the top of the aisle snapping away (and getting reaction photos) while the second shooter will be at the back of the room getting photos from a different angle. We will sneak around as stealthily as we can to get photos of both the person speaking and the reaction images. For your first kiss we will be parked in the middle of the aisle to get a wide and close up shot. Please communicate before your wedding if you will be signing the wedding licence before or after your kiss so we can position ourselves accordingly. My favourite part of the day is when you walk together hand-in-hand down the aisle after making it official!! 

cocktail hour

How you choose to spend your cocktail hour is up to you!! Usually this is when we spend 20-30 minutes taking formal family photos, or portraits with your wedding party and the two of you. If you will be mingling with guests, we will be creeping around with zoom lenses getting candids of the guests and sneaking into the reception area to get detail photos of the room and the tablescapes. 

family photos

This is where my direct communication skills really shine!!!!!!!! I will follow a list you will provide for me on my phone and will get these done as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying time with your guests. I start with the biggest group and take people out as I have found that is the fastest way to take family photos. Please communicate with your immediate family members when and where they should meet us for the formal photos! 

wedding party

I love this part of the day! I will make sure to get group photos of both sides, with photos of you both with each member of your wedding party individually. We will take all of the traditional photos and if we have time we can dick around and take some photos of your inside jokes with your friends! I will give lots of direction, play music, and hype everyone up.

bridal portraits

I look forward to this part of every wedding day!!!!!!!!! We will start with photos of the two of you smiling and looking at the camera (I call this the fridge photo) and almost all of the rest of the images won't be camera aware. I will creeping on the two of you for candids between all of the directed photos. This is when comedian Jayden comes out to get lots of laughing photos. I will send you a questionnaire beforehand and one of the questions will be about your music tastes. I will have a playlist ready and if we are in a private area I will be breaking the silence with some #beatsbyJay and ridiculous dance moves. 


This is where we go back to being flies on the wall for the rest of the night! I will try to avoid using my flash until I absolutely need to (this depends on the lighting in your venue and on the time of sunset on your wedding day) so I can be as stealthy as possible. I use my zoom lens and hide behind any pillars so I can avoid obstructing the views of any of your guests. It is best if we sit near you ond eat around the same time as you so we don't miss out on any of the action! I love to have at least 15 minutes for photos of your reception space before people enter to get as many detail shots as possible. On the dance floor I will be right there with you breaking it dowwwwwnnnn and snapping some fun candids of you and your guests!

candid moments

I loooooove sneaking around and capturing the in-between moments. I want your wedding gallery to feel like YOU and this is where the candids really tell that part of your story. I have been photographing weddings since 2011 and know exactly what to look out for and how to time out the candid moments well. 


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