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Hi there!

I’m Jayden, the face behind Jayden Campbell Photography. You can call me Jay, Shadey Jaydey, Jaydorade, Bon-Qui-Qui, the list goes on

I love shooting in natural light, resulting in bright images that show real happiness, laughter and your personality. But let’s be serious. It’s also important to know that I will make sure you look HOT. Nobody starts off being comfortable in front of the camera, but by the end of our session you won’t even know it’s there! And everyone who sees the prints on your walls will be blown away. (and super jealous).

Let’s chat! I would love to hear about your upcoming special day & to be a part of it! (And of course end up as BFFs). So send me an email at! 

To get to know me, you should know that I am the following:

a wife to the studliest man in the world

travel addict

collector of ugly mugs

backseat driver (we can’t all be perfect)

alumna of the Alberta college of art + design as a photography major

sucker for a great bag of popcorn

someone who doesn’t like wearing pants

Netflix binge watcher

& a wedding photographer for 7 year