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Want to have unique + super fun photos?! Let’s incorporate an activity into your photo shoot!

What is something that you and your loved one(s) love to do together?! Why not do this activity together for your shoot, or at least half of it? It’s a really great way to get natural smiles and reactions. Everybody feels so comfortable that they forget there is a stalker there. (It me).

It’s also a great way to remember what life was like at this time! I have had some ballin’ clients do some dope things for their sessions. I have too many examples for just one blog post, so here is part ONE!

First up! What about getting some Holi powder and ending your session with a bang?! Just don’t forget to cover the seats in your car because the mess will follow you home haha.

This adorable fam went to the Italian Farmhouse and dined together on their patio. Is there anything cuter than getting reaction photos of a kid eating a lemon????? No sir there is not.

This couple ended their inner city engagement session with some drinks at their favourite restaurant!


Ice cream is always a good idea too.

Pop some bubbly bbg!!!!!!


I love me an at home lifestyle session. Just make sure your space is tidy and we can make some magic

Jayden Campbell LGBT Calgary Photographer

We can colour together, eat snacks, have tickle attacks, and read books. It’s freakin’ presh.


And you KNOW I love me a baby in a bathtub. (IDK how you knew this but who the heck wouldn’t love baby rolls + suds)

Calgary Lifestyle Photographer

Here are some more baby bath photos for your viewing pleasure


If you want to get outside and have some FUN, have you thought about going to a fair/theme park?!

Calaway Park Family Photos

My favourite time to go is for the last half hour of sunlight! So we can get some colourful lights in the background. Fairs at night are the bomb diggity.


If you’re in Calgary and are as obsessed with the new library as much as me— let’s take some pics there!!!!!


Do you like to go fruit picking? Same.

Calgary Family Photographer

Apple Picking Photo Shoot

I have one family that owns an adorable piece of land, and we take pictures there every year! I love taking photos of their boys running around the fields and eating food straight from their garden. It’s so unique to them and I look forward to it each year!

Even if we are at a location that may not offer activities, while we are at our shoot let me know what fun games/inside jokes you may have! If your kids love playing hide + go seek, or throwing rocks in the river, or climbing trees— Let’s doooo it.

North Calgary Photographer

And lastly! Let’s go for a walk. We can make lots of stops along the way in front of different buildings/rivers/bridges! I know lots of great spots in Calgary for this vibe.

Oooookay! I am trying to not make my blog posts so long So be on the lookout for part two! It will have more ideas for winter activities too!!

Let me know what your favourite photo shoot activity is! Or is there any in this list that you want to do for your next session?! Hit me up in the comments!

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